Pre Lightened Blonde (Level 7+) - Shop by Hair Level

Are you a level 7 pre-lightened blonde? Most of us who start off with dark hair end up at this level of blonde after bleaching. Natural blonde hair (even if it's very light) will be much less porous than pre-lightened hair strands. For best results, you'll want to make sure to choose colors that compliment yellow tones that may still be present in your hair. A lot of issues can be avoided with the right color and the right mix! For example: If you want a pastel shade your hair may not be light enough. So what you can do is choose the color you want and create a custom pastel by mixing it in with our Pastelizer so that you can make sure it's light enough but pigmented enough to cover.  ALWAYS do a strand test before coloring to ensure you'll be happy with the outcome and you can adjust your mix if necessary!

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